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Shopping With A Child At The Supermarket

Supermarket shopping when you are a mum, always has that element of surprise during the trip. Will my child behave, will I remember to get everything, will I find my child eating food we haven’t yet paid for, will my child need or DO a poo half way through shopping? It’s all but a lucky dip.

Well none of these were to be for me the day of my trip, in fact my daughter was quite the delight. She was identifying all the vegetables and colours she saw, counting with me the tomatoes as I put them in the bag. I was a proud mum and I was praising her every moment.

So we did a round of the vegetables, past the fruit and then we hit the meat. The grocery trip today was fantastic, going so well, under control mum, child envy day. So I pull my trolley into the meat section and parked beside another lady. My daughter continuing gleefully with her repertoire of words as I browsed the meats. THEN. “MUM THESE ARE DEAD ANIMALS AREN’T THEY? My daughter shouted. People started to stare and I felt eyes slowly turning to us from all directions. “What’s this one mum? Is that a pig mum? MUM IS THAT A PIG?” My heart sunk and I felt my face turn white. “MUM WHAT PART OF THE ANIMAL IS IN THAT PACKET?”. I froze but the more I didn’t reply the louder she got. I panicked “CHOCOLATE!!!!” I shouted “Chocolate I’ll give you chocolate, yes chocolate, be quite for mum now and you can choose some chocolate.”


While the chocolate had my daughter’s attention, we had the attention of the lady beside us. She glared at my daughter then her eyes moved to me as if to say contain your savage child thanks. I made a nervous giggle hoping she would lighten up and think it was cute. My giggle was followed by an arkward very unplanned “well I guess its true isn’t it?”. The lady scoffed at me in disgust and dropped her meat and scurried away.


I retrieved my will to live and drew my focus back to my daughter who was asking when she could have the chocolate I had promised. I replied “as soon as we finish the shopping” my daughter now having very explicitly described most items in the supermarket that far said “Can we go see where they sell the fish mum?” I turned my trolled directly to the confectionary isle and aborted my supermarket trip. #onlyfactswithkids

Share with a mum who would relate with this, or maybe its your mum!

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