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Daddys Of Daughters

dads-and-daughtersIt takes a special guy to be a father to a daughter to endure the forever developing requirements of a princess in training. From tea parties and tutus to makeup and dance parties. These are some of the many memories I will forever keep of my baby and her daddy.

However these once was a time I’ll never forget….the day we found out we were having a girl. My husband one of three boys, who went to an all boy school, from parents of mainly male siblings, cousins mainly boys, so many boys in their family I’m sure none of them really knew females were required to conceive. With so many boys in the family the news of a girl to my husband was startling. “what do I do with a girl?, how do you?, what will I?” It was like he had been dropped into a foreign world and didn’t speak the language. Panic overwhelmed him. Then, being the manly man he was, he quickly found his composure and reassured me (himself) it would be fine.

Our due date quickly came around and the cannon bolt he received into fatherhood through the graphic experience of child birth baptised him.

Then the magic began. Our family now 2 feet bigger and forming into a unit of our own, I would stumble across little moments I would capture and keep forever in my heart. Memories that made me love my husband even more just for who he was.

One of these memories was going up stairs to see how he was getting along putting the baby to sleep to find my husband fast asleep and my daughter stroking his hair and holding a book.

There would even be nights where my daughter would refuse to go upstairs to bed and she would be crying and screaming murder! Then her dad would calmly walk in, get on all fours meow, parade around like a cat, lick her face and they would crawl up the stairs together.

Or when my husband god knows how he got one, but he bought a mini motor bike one that looked only big enough for a child but was one an adult could ride. He had a workshop set up in the garage and I would often find the two of them tinkering around in the garage with this bike, both of them head to toe in black. Sometimes my daughter would be propped up on the bike while her dad took photos of her grinning from ear to ear and my daughter one at the time, only new mum and dad but joyfully shouting out “brmm bike”.
Another was one day coming back from the supermarket to find my husband who had been left to play with the baby, searching high and low for something. I asked where our daughter was and his very quick but rather nervous response was “hide and go seek” as he scrambled around trying to look for her with an expression of ‘well this wasn’t the plan but she surprisingly good at this.
My husband would often make kind gestures in offering to babysit to give me some free time. On my return I’d, on many occasions, be greeted by a gorgeous little fairy princess and a very pretty lady man. The thing about dads is every task is serious and competitive even the art of nail polish. If it’s going to be done it will be done right and they will be the best at it. I remember seeing both my husband and daughter huddled round a stool, both very attentive to the task at hand, our daughter painting his nails. I asked why she was sticking things to her dads nails and her father’s prompt response on her behalf was “it’s called bedazzling” like I didn’t know.

My stories are never ending but a dad especially one of a daughter is truly special. Our girls don’t need dads who are learning how to be mums just a perfectly, imperfect, perfect daddy! #dadgoals

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