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5 Baby Reveal Ideas For Every Occasion

Everyone’s journey to parenthood is different whether it be by surprise or eagerly awaited its a very exciting time and my philosophy is if theres something to to celebrate to do with a bang!

So here are some festive ideas for announcing your pregnancy throughout the year!

1 – Christmas pregnancy announcements!

Turning up with the baby on Christmas day is probably not something I would suggest in a hurray but for everyone to wake up to the Christmas tree (the gathering place on Xmas morning) completly re-decorated with lots of gorgeous little santa baby photos along with lots of baby dust would be a great reveal to start your family day!


2 –  Valentines ‘Roses are red violets are blue, inside me beats two hearts for you’

Sometimes less is more and often our other halves expect the fuss with an announcement like a pregnancy so by gifting him something very little and subtle but with a short punchy poem or sentence (if your going to be a dad wasn’t enough) and you will catch him completely  by surprise!

valentines 2

3- Easter Surprise!

A memorable and very unique way to reveal your pregnancy or baby gender would be to pre prepare some hollow easter eggs tap a little hole at the bottom and slip a little note in the egg with the message you want for everyone. Wrap it back up and get everyone to crack their egg at the same time! You can also do this with quial and chicken eggs!

baby 2

4- Fathers Day!

Every heard the saying actions speak louder than words? Then rather than saying anything at all, leave a little pair of baby boots inside his and just wait for his reaction!

baby shoes
5 – Birthdays!

Birthdays in our family is a day for treats! Whether you dine in or out one thing I know is the way to anyones heart is through food so if your announcing on a Birthday get your hospo people involved. Write a message on the bottom on the pizza box and as you eat each slice a message is revealed. Or if your out get your waiter to slip a note along with your bill!


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