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8 Questions To Ask Your Child If They Were Mum For The Day!

This little activity is great to get some ‘professional’ mum feedback I mean hey in most jobs these days client are entitled to give customer feedback so us as professional momagers, why shouldn’t the little people we serve too?

Heres what my 4 year had to say!……

  1. What would you tell Santa About me?
    Good – but you need to stop sneaking the treats because I like ice-cream too (couldn’t keep a straight face on this one)
  2. What time would bed time be?
    whatever time is early
    (haha word for word here)
  3. What would we have for dinner?
    Spicy chicken & rice, or maybe just McDonalds
  4. What job would you do?
    Teach kids but if I got bored of that maybe work in the tv
  5. Who would clean?
    (this was a very quick response)
  6. What pets would we have?
    12 cats
  7. How many children would our family have?
    1….(i asked why 1) because you don’t normally get many kids and its less work

Ask your kids tell us what they said!!!

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