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5 Silly Activties You & The Kids Will Love

All of us including our kids can at times struggle with the repeated routine and to lift spirits doing something totally unexpected and spontaneous can be a great way to inject some energy into the household! And get some brownie points for being the favourite parent EVER!

  1.  Get some face paint and sit in the bath and just paint each other. Its a fun way to distract them, get messy, get creative and have fun. Important point do it in the bath or if you have a wet floor even better that way you paint and clean all in the same space!a
  2. Get stickers anykind and just stick them on each other. This may sound like a waste and pointless activity and it is but its fun. Kids surprisingly get a huge kick out of stickering themselves and their mums. Its and activty they wouldnt expect and you’ll be surprised just how much fun you have too! Education is learning life and life should be fun so if we aren’t having fun we aren’t learning.16
  3. Toilet paper is cheap, easy to clean up and versitile. Depending on the personalities of your children and how you interact you could toilet paper the lounge or the stairwell unexpectedly for them to come home to. Your kids would never expect you to mess the house up and the spontenality out of the everyday routine is fun! If however your have a sensitive wee soul I wouldn’t recommend it rather prep a prank for dad or stick with wrapping each other. Remember pranks and the unexpected are only funny if everyone laughs.18
  4. If its raining go out and dance! See how many puddles you can splash in! then come inside get warm again with a hot chocolate and a movie!pexels-photo-94355
  5. Wake them up for a midnight feast, pitch a tent for breakfast at sunrise, eat dinner in the tree house or camp out all together in one room and tell stories with marshmallows.2

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