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How Parents Cover Up Swear Words…

We all have those moments where catastrophe catches us by surprise and all you want to do is drop an F bomb. As parents however we become skilled at catching these moments and child filtering what we would truly want to say when in the presence of our children. I’m sure you like me you have had many of these moments but why is the real reason we amend our words?…it’s because we know children don’t forget and words stick!


One bright sunny day I was in the car with my darling in her car seat in the back about to approach and turn into our property which is located on a busy main road. I go to turn and a crazy driver, who for the record was plenty far away to allow me a safe transition. Instead the driver sped up! So taken by surprise by the rather substandard driving I had to hoof the accelerator and zoom into our driveway while mumbling under my breath what I truly felt about the driver. “What was that mum?” I heard from the back, I choked, I knew she heard what I had said and while I was still getting over the rather reckless driving I had just saved us from, my heart dropped to think I had let a bad word slip.

To correct the situation I responded quickly and said “Duck head sweetie, I said what a duck head”. For a moment I thought my impromptu correction was quite clever but images of a man in a duck head filled my mind and I felt a little embarrassed for myself but it was better than the truth so I went with it.
I quickly changed the subject and nothing more was said and the whole thing was forgotten about. Never heard a peep she didn’t mention anything when dad got home. Saved that one!


So a week later while pulling into our driveway, notorious for substandard drivers who refuse to give way, it happened again. This time however I was a mother in control, I shook my fist at that driver and tooted my horn dam it. Once I was in the driveway and had stopped the car I turned to my wee girl and said “oo sorry about that sweet what a silly, silly driver” she replied “oh mum was that duck head again?”. #fromthemouthsofbabes


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