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3 Tips For Family Traditions

Family Traditions…. what are they?… why do we have them?… are they really necessary?

Normally when I think of family traditions I think of the typical one liners mum pulls on us to guilt trip us into attending something boring “oh love but its family tradition” …yes but is it? Is it really? I think mum’s response is a pretty good example right there of the whole point I make,  IF YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME ITS A TRADITION MUM, ITS NOT ONE! I mean generally my memories of “family traditions” is that it’s just a big day for being herded into line by who ever decides they have enough energy to be ‘creative’ for the day, to get a great photo of an activity we’ll never remember? No thanks.

But as one gets older and you have children of your own and you slowly start to hear your parents words coming out of your mouth at certain stages of your parenting journey, you do begin to appreciate family unity and making memories with your kids.

While families at the best of times are difficult or maybe your thinking you could never get your kids to do get on board with a tradition, but traditions are just activities created to get families to spend time together and bond. Worse case scenario you starve them to get them to Christmas lunch (disclaimer: JOKE) here are 3 tips to get the kids on board and keep them keen.

1 – Do something everyone can do and enjoy!

If you’re reminding the kids of the tradition it’s not one! If you are going to do something continuously every year remember everyone has to enjoy it! Take into consideration ages, gender, family size and also that children get older so taking a photo on Santa’s lap at 5 years old is cute, at 20 years old its creepy.

2 – If it doesn’t work start again!

Maybe your family doesn’t have any family traditions and you want to start a new thing? Getting the right family tradtions is not easy but it could be anything from a specific dinner, activity, photo, outing or even party you all attend but if the family isn’t into it or the reviews weren’t good cut it and try something new next year. Your tradition might be that you do something different every year!

3 – Don’t over extend yourself

If you are the family leader in traditions don’t over spend or over complicate things. The last thing you want is to spend a fortune on a special day, end up organising and preparing for most of it and not have time to enjoy it. Keep it simple and cost-effective because nobody will remember or know how much you spent, and while your busy preparing a perfect christmas table everyone will be spending time together making memories without you.

Traditions are special they are a great way to get everyone together to make memories you will all have together forever. They are the memories your children will talk about to their kids and the stories you will tell at their 21st birthdays. Goodluck #onelove


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