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5 Ways To Celebrate Birthdays Without Throwing A Party!

1 – Party tables!

In our family what we do is at night when the birthday girl/boy is sleeping we decorate a table cover it in confetti, bottles of bubbles, little party toys for the family to play with, birthday card, plastic crown, couple of presents, cake and other decorations you might want to include. When the birthday girl/boy wakes up its a big surprise they can have cake for breakfast and its such a fun way to start the day. If its a weekend you might have activities on the table that the family can do together or if its a school day you may have dinner that special table something of their choice for their day!

2 – Take a day off!

Take a day off, turn phones and emails off and give your little birthday person your full attention. That could mean both mum and dad on a weekend together or half a day each to do an activity each one in the morning the other in the afternoon. It could even mean taking a day off work if you can. Whatever you choose it will be unexpected, break of routine and time for both of you to bond and celebrate their big day! How else better than to show your child they are important by giving them your time.

3 – Extreme Activity

Sometimes we as parents don’t want to do birthdays not because we can’t afford it but rather its the time in getting the house ready, the fuss of decorating coordinating, entertaining children while talking to their parents, it’s often very stressful. The other option could be your child chooses one or two close friends and with the permission of their parents they do an extreme activity reserved for a special occasion such as a birthday. That could be horse riding or go-cart racing something special!

4 – Go on an adventure

Make a day of going somewhere beautiful whether it be by the beach to a cave, hiking to a hillside view or travelling down a long windy road to a dreamy lakeside. Take a picnic with super yummy food (don’t forget the cake and candles), roast some marshmallows, tell stories of when the birthday boy/girl was little and shut yourselves of from the world and enjoy the experience of adventuring together.

5 – Holiday

If your child is having a significant birthday maybe their turning 5 or 16 then maybe you could time their birthday in the time you go on holiday. You could arrange little memorable experiences like getting the aircrew on an aeroplane to sing them happy birthday or get a shopping store to announce their birthday over loud speaker, sometime really different but memorable!


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