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Messages From Heaven

We all have those special people in our lives who even when they pass always live in our hearts and memories forever. However even more mysteriously there are times when we have our own children, it’s like our loved ones who have passed remind us they are still with us through the communication of our children.

My Nana was quite the figure in our family, she was the one who bought us together on special occasions, made 20 tins of baking for us to go through when we visited, made food for everyone’s dietary needs, set dinner party’s out like you were dining with the queen and spent the year crafting clever gifts to give us on special occasions. She has now passed, while always in our hearts we don’t talk about her a lot until one day my daughter saw a picture of my Nana with her husband my Poppa. She recognised my Poppa as she had met him before and asked who the lady was. We explained to her that it was my nana that had past but how she would have loved to have known her. Since that moment years on from that moment without prompting, my nana plays a part in her thoughts.


One day she said “here mum I made this”, of course my response was praising how beautiful her work was to me and how much effort she had put into it, she said “it’s for my nana in the photo”. This wasn’t the only time she had made pictures or cards for my dead grandmother.

There were even times where I would be taken by surprise to hear her saying phrases I thought only my grandmother would say like “do things once the right way” or “oh you silly goose”. While these phrases were nothing out of the ordinary and could be phrases my daughter could have picked up from anywhere, but they meant something to me, more than the phrase itself, they reminded me of my grandmother and made me feel like I wasn’t alone.


My sister often commented when her third and youngest son was born, she had times when she felt her most stressed and often her son was suddenly distracted by the breeze and she would find him peacefully playing by himself in his crib as if someone was there with him in person cooing at him. It was if our grandmother had come to visit and through a baby’s still unworldly eyes was being babysit for a few moments to allow my sister a moments rest.


Religious, superstitious or not, whether it true or coincidence I think the thought of having our loved ones with us even after passing is a nice thought. Having support even when we think no one is there to help in times of need. Having the watchful eye of a guardian angel watching over us and our children in the most challenging of times as parents is special and moments we never forget. #Heavensent

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