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Should I Invite Children To My Wedding?

Getting married when you’re a mum often changes your view entirely on how you plan a wedding. There are many things that become important that may not have been important before and one of them is how to included your little people in your big day.

Then there’s the issue of do you invite other children to your wedding?

My opinion is yes and here are a few reasons why…..

1 – “But weddings are for adults not kids”

I get that adults want to let their hair down and have adult time, I’m 150% for it, but weddings are family events, what on earth would you be doing at a wedding that you couldn’t do in front of ya kids? Remember grandparents and in-laws will also be attending too, if you ask me often its debatable who behaves better. If your invites want a night off without kids then they’ll arrange not to bring their kids, but I think its nice for them to have the option.

wedding 1

2 – How do you entertain the kids?

I am not going to suggest you bring bouncy castles and happy meals along, I’m so for keeping the glam and sophistication of weddings but kids don’t need to down your day, however there are some wee touches you could do to keep them entertained.

Choosing the right location is really helpful, have a garden venue or if its indoors maybe having a hall with an area where people with children can take their kids to walk around, play or escape should need be.

Have a wee goodie bag on the child’s seat with pictures to colour in or even a toy to play with. Note: I’d avoid whistles, balloons and just anything that might cause havoc you’re a mum you’ll know.

wedding 6.jpeg

3 – Bad Behaviour

So where there’s people, in general, little or big, someone is going to misbehave at some point whether you see it on the day or find out about it later, guaranteed. Keep this in mind while you can organise the event, remember you can’t control people. Where there are people there are problems so prepare yourself. Theres a solution to everything and it doesn’t have to ruin your day, as long as you don’t let it.

Seating plan is also important I would always put parents on the outer tables so they have the ability to get up and down if they need to.

If noise is your issue then talk to your mummy invites, remember kids just wont be quite the whole night, you’re a mum you will know. However say for example at your vowels you need quite then tell the parents so they know its important to you and maybe offer to provide some lollipops to help.

wedding 4

4 – Expense

If you have been invited to a wedding and you have children that aren’t invited, it’s an extra expense to arrange a baby sitter, remember they are paid by the hour. Its even harder if the wedding they are attending is out-of-town, and let’s be honest these days very few people have nana and granddad close by to babysit.

Your expense, well generally caterers will offer half price meals for children and for a few extra dollars maybe you will have to pay for a chair if your hiring them but really in the scale of things its very little in the scale of the event and those little people are worth it!

wedding 9.jpeg

So hopefully this has helped convince you that children should be part of your day OR affirmed why they absolotly shouldn’t be and you’ll never entertain this conversation again.

Children need to learn how to socialize and be part of important events because life is about sharing experiences together. The more you expose children to experiences the more they will learn to read the crowd, pay attention to your words and behave. Better yet they will gain a sense of belonging and importance within the family they belong to… your one.


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