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Touched By An Angel..My Daughter

Do you have times where your children come out with little phrases that surprise you and just seem to put these big world problems into perspective again?

Often we feel as parents that we need to have everything together to be good role models, be in charge because we are the adult, know everything and have all the answers yet recently I’ve found myself gifted with these little phrases from my daughter that are like a mothers soul food.

For example recently we have experience the death of my grandfather and in my culture death and grief is a really hard emotion to manage not only personally but also with others. As children we never went to funerals and generally the events of the funeral day is trying your best not to cry, not to engage in any moments to overly emotional and pretend you have everything together.

Well the recent events of my grandfathers death I found myself being taught how to manage my emotions by this little person who doesn’t even know how to read yet and I was impressed. I think the special gift our children have is the ability to keep life’s’ worries real and in perspective.

For me this was at the burial site where we had all walked behind the coffin accompanied by bagpipes playing (i’m not Scottish but celtic heritage) and following a beautiful yet tense and somber service emotions and energy were very low but we got to the site, the coffin was in place and the bagpipes stopped.

Then the magic happened…

My little 5 year old says “don’t be sad mum it’s just Grandad’s body he is an angel now and can see us anytime, OH thank goodness that music stopped!”. While completely inappropriate and admittedly I could have almost chucked myself in th hole along with the coffin. I thought gosh thank you little 5 year old for being so strong when I can’t and while her humor probably wasnt best timed it lightened everyone’s mood and reminded us life does go on.

In our busy lives it’s important to stop and listen to these wee gifts our children give us in their innocent words of pure love and genuine wisdom. #touchedbyanangelmydaughter


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