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Parent Manual Please?

When you become a parent I don’t think you ever really know how different your life will be until your baby arrives and you’re forced to be an adult.

The questions that never seem to end are things like…….

Should I stay at home and mum without a salary or send my child to daycare HAVE the second salary but pay big daycare fees and miss out on my child time?

If I want to go back to work does this make me a bad mother?

If you decide to work then how do you manage taking sick days not only for you but now your other person who needs your sick days?

Is it safe to feed my child cut up apples and use a straw?

THEN THEY GROW UP! New problems evolve and are added to the pot! ….Why Not!

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!! so every country does school holidays differently but where I’m from all up our children get 12 weeks off in the year and generally we get 4 weeks annual paid leave. It might be late at night when I write this but i’m fairly sure my math skills tell me 12 and 4 aren’t the same number so either finding child care or taking 8 weeks unpaid leave (which is really hard to get by the way) was NOT a situation they warn you about before baby dancing!!!!

Do I follow a career or just get a job that is ok and will be flexible with my family needs? Part time job so I can be there after school or fulltime for a bit of extra cash? but then if I go fulltime I have to find care for the extra hours out of school time and what I spend in care will I earn enough to cover it and make the extra hours pay off…. I mean the list goes on.

So while I rant about the very few problematic questions I have running around in my head while trying to be a wonderful parent to a child who totally deserves the best…I’m sure your waiting for a witty response that might give you some inspiration to reflect on the questions you might have and better solve them? …. SORRY I DONT!

I’m totally in this with you guys it’s an ongoing struggle and the sacrifices we make as parents that we didn’t know we would have to make before having a previous little ones is hard. No sugar lining its hard.

One thing I can offer is that while we as parents we are our toughest critics and I believe that in this world we are judged on our intentions not our actions so if what we are doing is the best we can do, I think that has to be good enough? Do you?#Whenyoucantfindthemanual

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