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Are You A Crazy Christmas Mum?

So Christmas is coming around and the typical conversations start-up about what everyone’s doing for Christmas and then as per usual (sorry not sorry guys) there’s always one guy who’s complaining about Christmas, a common phrase I hear is

my wife always spends too much money and goes over board

This sparked a conversation opportunity for me today because it’s something I have heard on countless occasions and it did make me think because I am a crazy Christmas Mum!

Why do we go crazy at Christmas? Here are my thoughts…

  1. Being a mum is a career, like employees we want our yearly performance review! Christmas is that time to impress our employer (the children) on how good we are at your job and how much we love our job!  Their reaction and enjoyment of Christmas moments are like our pay increase!
  2. Christmas is a time when we ACTUALLY have time to genuinely enjoy our kids! Your husband and other family members might be off work as well so there are extra helpers around to get proper breaks from your children, so when your with them you enjoy them so much more!
  3. While shopping and spending in general is addictive let’s be honest! It’s so easy to get carried away because your able to get out of the house, on your own and concentrate on something that is not poo, pee or mess so it’s like meditation so WHO WOULDNT LOVE IT! Also the money we spend is not on us so if we over do it, its not malicious.

I could go on with endless reasons WHY we go crazy at Christmas time but let’s be honest we’re mums we don’t have time to read that many reasons so lets keep it short sharp and sweet. Ladies crazy is good! So don’t let the Christmas Grinch get you down but I do think that having a conversation pre-Christmas crazy is good to ensure you can truly enjoy this time and don’t jeopardise relationships in the process. I have some blogs coming up on tips for tips on meeting everyone’s needs at Christmas time, Keeping Christmas stress free, present buying and tips for man at Christmas! #Keepitcrazy


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