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Poos In Public..It’s A Parent Thing

It’s never a good sign when you smell poo and you know its happened, but you’re just not sure where the source is, other than the fact you’re 99% sure it came from your small child.

So as of late the topic of conversation has been toilet training and the weird behaviors that children develop in the process. The funny routines our children have and the worries we have in ensuring our children grow up “normal” and pooing in the toilet rather than in their pants or…wherever.

This may seem quite a rude topic to talk about for many but for us mothers we are specialists at poo, pee and all the rest that goes on with teaching a small person how the world works. So I’m sure many of you will have some colourful stories to contribute to this!

You see I didn’t think, at the time that I ever really had to much of an issue with toilet training with my daughter.  To me, she just had her routine that she developed and I let her do it but following various conversations on this topic lately I recognised how those first few behaviors children associate with toilet training TOTALLY stick! I consider myself lucky with the ones that stuck in our house considering the next insight I got from a fellow mother…

One anonymous mum friend of mine was desperate to get her toddler toilet trained she was worrying so much about it. She had tried everything! She had tried the usual happy potty dance after a successful do do but no luck. She had placed various little potties all around the house so that should the poo face come on there was a potty close by to successfully capture the moment, nope, no luck. She had bought a book on using the potty and made the whole experience educational, toys in the toilet room, the lot, you name it she had tried it.

However there was one day in her house she could smell something off and she spent, like easy a couple of hours just searching where the smell was coming from. She checked the bottom of shoes, under the couch, the fridge, everywhere but just couldn’t find the smell. She had to open the windows up in the house to freshen the air up in the house and when she opened the window in her daughter’s room she was greeted by some not so chocolate raisins on the windowsill. Less than ideal as you can imagine.

She was at her wits end! She just resigned to the fact that her child was abnormal and was probably going to be crapping in her pants through her adult years and if not in her pants, in some other weird place so she resigned to her defeat. Not really but you get the drift she had enough to say the least.

A few weeks passed and she left all the toilet training fuss she had been doing and just had a break from it. It was one weekend that they went to a hardware store to get some DIY house things, as they were doing up their bathroom. So they headed to the bathroom section and started browsing all the bathroom stuff. As she was browsing she heard a gentle grunting sound, she wasn’t too bothered by it but it continued so as any responsible parent you check for your child. She glanced down beside her ‘CRAP!’ she said in her head ‘where’s my kid!’. She quickly whisked around the area she was in only to find her daughter propped up on one of the DEMO TOILETS in the bathroom section DOING A POO!!!!!

So bit of a double-edged sword really cause while her daughter just pooed in the middle of a shop, and quite understandably she had a difficult conversation waiting for her with the staff BUT, her daughter used the toilet!!!!!!! #blessedarethosewhowait…kindof




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