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5 Reasons Mums Cheat Eat


Question in from an anonymous mum:

“I can’t lose my pregnancy weight, I try dieting but I seem to put on more weight! Any tips”

While I’m not a health professional I am a mum who totally shares this problem, so your not alone! Heres my 5 reasons why we struggle to lose weight and revert to cheat eating.

  1. No consistent day – Children are either full speed ahead or stop in their tracks and drop for chill out time. As an adult managing stop and go energy levels throughout the day it’s like interval training on speed! Its super tiring so no wonder we mums are super tired! Unless you’re very fit and can keep up the pace, to keep up we resort to coffee, energy drinks or sugary treats to give us that shot of energy to get us through the day!
  2. Unexpected events – no matter how organised you are there are always those occasions especially when managing small children where things don’t go to plan. Whether it’s a surprise trip to the doctor or a flat tyre that’s held your schedule up, we have all resorted to a quick drive through takeaway meal to avoid the snow ball effect of a night not going to plan.
  3. Time – There is never enough time to get everything done and while nothing will ever be finished, even if we don’t like to admit it, we mums, we try our hardest to achieve it anyway! We spend a lot of time organising and making nutritious meals for our families but often leave ourselves out, this resorts to us settling for no so nutritious options on the run.
  4. Budget – As mums we are multitaskers, we are jacks of all trades and wear many hats, and the family finance adviser is one of them! Buying healthy food is expensive! Not only is it expensive it takes a lot of time to study what brands to buy, where to shop and following discount days at your local super market. It takes a lot of work to manage a healthy diet on a budget and to ensure our kids get the best of it again we mothers have been known to sacrifice our own needs to ensure our children get the best of what they need.
  5. We need rewards too – After a hard day of Muming there is nothing better than sitting down with a glass of wine and a block of chocolate and I mean we do SUCH a good job we can’t help but reward ourselves more often than not!


I’m sure there are so many more reasons why you selfless wonder women cheat eat but if that suits you and your life style then answer to no one because you grew a human being you deserve it!

However if cheat eating is impacting you negatively, then If anything, identifying your reasons for cheat eating and being prepared for those moments so you have the ability to make a choice rather than getting stuck in a trap and regretting it later. #Beyoubebeautiful

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Mums Cheat Eat

  1. This is a really insightful and relatable post and I don’t even have a kids yet! I have always found though, that if my routine was interrupted drastically, I’d end up binge eating junk food to pull me through or as a reward for surviving a busy day!

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